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Secure Internet Programming
Princeton University
Department of Computer Science

* Proof-Carrying Code
Andrew Appel, David Walker, R. Virga, N. Michael , K. Swadi , A. Ahmed, J. Chen, G. Tan, X. Ou, C. Richards, D. Wu

* AspectML - Aspect-Oriented Functional Programming Language Research
Daniel S Dantas, Jay Ligatti, David Walker, Geoff Washburn, Stephanie Weirich, Steve Zdancewic

* Modularity and Secure Linking
Lujo Bauer, Eun-Young Lee, Andrew Appel, Edward Felten

* Plato: Defining Modern Logics for Modern Programmers
Amal Ahmed, Limin Jia, Yitzhak Mandelbaum, David Walker

* Polymer: A Language for Composing Run-Time Security Policies
Lujo Bauer, Jay Ligatti, David Walker

* Proof-Carrying Authorization
Andrew Appel, Edward Felten, Michael Schneider, Lujo Bauer

* Secure Applications for handheld Devices
Dirk Balfanz, Edward Felten

* Secure Runtime Support
* Garbage Collection
Daniel Wang, Andrew Appel

* Debugging and Reflection
Juan Chen, Andrew Appel

* Value-Sensitive Design for Browser Security
Edward Felten, Helen Nissenbaum, Batya Friedman

Previous research from the SIP lab

* Using Memory Errors to Attack a Virtual Machine
* Java Security
* Stack Inspection as a Security Mechanism
* Multi-User Java Virtual Machine
* The Java Filter
* Secure Remote Procedure Calls
* Web Spoofing
* Fast Software Encryption