The Java Filter

 The Java Filter
 How It Works

Welcome to The Java Filter!

While you are surfing the World Wide Web, you frequently come across pages that contain Java applets. These applets are small programs, written by people that you often donít know or trust. However, their programs are being downloaded to, and executed on, your machine.

The Java Filter lets you take control over which applets you want on your machine and which you donít.

There are several reasons why you might not want certain applets on your computer:

  • Applets might be hostile and carry out denial-of-service attacks, which impede your work.
  • Applets might learn certain information about your system and communicate it back to their origin without your knowledge.
  • Applets might exploit unpublished security holes and completely penetrate your system, including the total compromise of private data and/or modifications to your system.

The Java Filter gives effective protection against unwanted execution of Java applets, without having to switch off Java support of your browser. For example, you could only allow applets from within your firewall onto your computer.

You can download The Java Filter here. You can learn how to use it here. If you want to know how it works, click here.