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Thanks to Jim Roskind, Raman Tenneti, and Tom Dell of Netscape for helping us understand their design, and to Netscape for supporting Dan Wallach as a visiting member of the design and implementation group. Thanks to Jeff Bisset, Mike Jerger, and Mike Toutonghi for helping us understand the Microsoft design. Any remaining errors in the description of these designs are ours.

We also thank Li Gong for helping us solidify our ideas. Thanks to Andrew Appel, Mark Miller, Marianne Mueller, Ben Renaud, and Frank Yellin for many interesting conversations about our work. Martín Abadi, Dan Boneh, Luca Cardelli, Simson Garfinkel, Rob Shillner, and Steve Wallach gave valuable feedback on drafts of this paper. Dave Gifford and the anonymous referees made many helpful suggestions.

Our work is supported by donations from Sun Microsystems, Bellcore, and Microsoft. Edward Felten is supported in part by an NSF National Young Investigator award.

Dan Wallach